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2009-11-25 03:39 pm
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Seth Evermoore

Henry's adorable husband Seth!
EDIT: please ignore the weird gapping that's going on in between the pictures, I don't know why it's doing that since it isn't showing anything like that on the edit-page. :(

Download link + more pictures )

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2009-11-23 10:09 pm
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Henry Evermoore

After a few requests I thought it was time to upload Henry! :)
Not that I wasn't meaning to - I plan to upload all of the Evermoores in time.
Without further ado:

This way for the download link and pictures )
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2009-11-04 07:48 pm
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Greta Forelorn

Next sim up for download is...



Greta Forelorn!

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2009-10-22 06:57 pm
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Lyla Evermoore

The first sim I'm posting is Lyla! She's the one I've propably played the most, and she's born in-game to Leanne and Harper Evermoore.